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Hats with a Cause

Posted on October 14 2019

Hats with a Cause



Last year, Whimsy owner, Traci Tessone, set out to design a winter hat collection that was stylish, warm and entirely faux-fur. She traveled to Poland where the hats are made and took great care in designing each hat style herself. Traci was able to see first hand how the hats are created and where the fabrics and materials were sourced. She was thrilled to create a product that was ethically made and carefully crafted.





The 2019 Exclusive Whimsy Hat Collection was designed with style and a cause in mind. Our hats are ethically handcrafted in Poland using only faux-fur. At Whimsy, we pledge to support the fight against animal cruelty. A percentage of EVERY hat sale will be donated to the National Humane Society as we join in their fight of going fur-free.


Each hat in this collection is fleece-lined for extra warmth and comfort. We set out to bring you one of the best winter hat collections on the market, and we think we did just that! You can feel good about what you wear knowing we took our time sourcing the best materials completely free of animal cruelty. Your purchase will aid in the fight of going fur-free! We will share every donation we make with the National Humane Society and are proud to be a part of the fur-free movement. 


Feel good about what you wear! Follow us on Instagram @staycozy_lovewhimsy


Thank you for your support and business.

Stay Cozy, 

Love Whimsy



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